One of the most suitable spaces for advertising in large cities in terms of traffic, are commercial complexes. Since the audience in commercial complexes often want to buy the goods they require, these places are the right ones to introduce products.

• Persian Gulf commercial, recreational and tourist complex

• Aftab-e Fars (Persian Sun) commercial administrative complex

Aftab-e Fars (Persian Sun) commercial administrative complex

One of the largest and most crowded commercial complexes in Shiraz is Aftab-e Fars commercial administrative complex located on Maali Abad Street and at least 3,000 people enter it daily.

Persian Gulf commercial, recreational and tourist complex

Persian Gulf commercial, recreational and tourist complex in the Middle East is one of the largest commercial and recreational complexes located in the city of Shiraz. With the utmost pride, the complex has managed to rank fourth in the latest list of the world's largest commercial complexes.




About us

Pezhhan Group consists of several professional groups that have been playing a great role in the fields of advertising, art and culture throughout the country for nearly three decades. This great active system is located in the offices of Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Kish and Qeshm, and the activities provided by the Pezhhan group of experts, has had a brilliant performance in creative ideation and innovation in implementation (of Projects) and has been associated with self-satisfaction and customer satisfaction.Services that can be provided in the field of advertising include consulting, planning, design and implementation in various ways with the benefit of media diversity, throughout the country. The key point is that Pezhhan is the only complex that has a media and advertising locations at the same time in 36 airports of the country.

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Shiraz (headquarters) :

Bagh Safa bridge, Pezhhan complex, 6th floor, unit 13

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Imam Khomeini Airport Town, Roxan Hotel

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Kish Island, Royamal Complex, unit 304

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